Panthers TV Live


If you cannot find an answer to your problem here, please email for support.

Supported Devices

Our officially supported devices are:

  • PC and Mac / desktops + laptops
  • iOS devices / iPad and iPhone
  • Android (v4+) phones and tablets.

SMART TVs (and Set top boxes) are NOT 100% supported. Some models work, some do not and we cannot at this time give a definitive list. Do not purchase unless you have a supported device available with which to watch this broadcast.

Preferred browser

You must use a modern web browser, and it must be up to date. Please check whether this is the case here.

Our preferred browsers are Firefox and Chrome.

Internet Speed

You should check that your internet speed is at least 10Mbps to recieve a solid stream. Lower speeds should still be able to view but you are working at your own risk.

Key tips

If you are having problems with the stream, these three tips solve most user experience issues:

  • First refresh your browser window (F5 or Cmd+R) and then try clearing your browser cache.
  • Try switching browser. Google Chrome and Firefox are both good options but please try the OTHER if one doesn't work right.
  • If you are using WiFi: try moving physically closer to the router, and turn off Wifi on other devices, until you've resolved the issue at least.
  • We recommend using a wired network connection if possible

More information

The player says "media type unsupported" (or similar)
It's possible our stream hasn't started yet — but usually when this message appears it's because your browser needs to be updated through your system or browser update process.
I'm having glitches in my stream, it's pausing and/or the sound is coming in and out
It's possible your browser is low on memory. First refresh the page. Check you don't have too many tabs open or your computer isn't running too many applications. Please quit and restart your browser (completely) and consider rebooting your computer to relieve this issue. If that does not completely clear the issue then consider using our Flash stream alternative which is linked above the player. This MAY NOT WORK on some machines as Flash is being deprecated by browser makers, but it also may prove a lower memory use option for older computers that struggle to play the main stream consistently.
Is this website secure?
Yes. You should see a padlock (browser depending) beside the website address, this indicates communication between yourself and our website is secure. We do not store credit card details + all payments are directly managed by our payment providers who have their own security setup.
How do I get help - can I phone someone?
No, unfortunately the best way to get an answer is to email or tweet - generally if there's an issue with the stream you can be sure we know about it already. Usually refreshing your player page is the best and first way to deal with any problems. Clearing your browser cache solves most other problems.